Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs With Banisters

Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs With BanistersInstalling baby gates for top of stairs with banisters will allow you to baby proof those staircase openings that have banisters either on one side or both sides.

These gates come with mounting kits that enable parents to create a flat area on the banister in order to attach the gate.This means you don’t have to screw or drill holes in the banisters.

These gates are ideal for those who don’t want to ruin their banisters or to damage their interior wood-work. The included mount kits are designed for banisters that are round or square shaped.

Most of these mounting kits have brackets and vertical posts. The brackets are secured around the banister and then the vertical post is screwed into the brackets as a substitute post where you can attach either the latch side or the hinge side of your gate.

It is important to note that top of stair gates should be firmly fixed by screwing them and not by pressure mounting using tension knobs.

In addition, they should not have large support bars at the base that may cause people to trip over.

Here are some of the top rated designs.

Extra Tall Regalo Gate

Extra Tall Regalo GateThis Regalo white gate is 35 inches tall. It is expandable and usually fits wide openings measuring 32 to 53 inches. It has been certified by JPMA and comes ready with the mounting system for 2 banisters. It comes with 2 square and 2 round banister plastic adapters and velcro fastening straps that go around the banisters in order to hold the frame of the gate in position.

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It is constructed with durable steel construction and is also PVC free. One side of it is anchored and serves as a pivot point while the other has an easy squeeze latch so that parents can open with minimal effort. Since the whole gate swings open, it is easy to walk through even when your arms are full. It swings in either way and closes securely. It is simple to install and to remove. There is no risk of tripping over since it doesn’t have any bottom bar.It also comes with hardware for wall to wall mount.It is also perfect for banister to wall installation.

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Gate

Summer Infant Sure and SecureThis Summer Infant Sure and Secure gate design is ideal for banister to wall installation. It comes with a single banister installation kit. It is designed for banisters that are 2.75 inches to 5 inches thick. If you intend to install it on two banisters, you can purchase an additional mounting kit here.

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It is sturdy and easy to operate with one hand. It is 33 inches tall and fits openings that are 30 inches to 54 inches wide.

Expandable Metal Gate

Expandable Metal GateThis expandable Regalo gate is ideal for wall to wall, banister to banister, or banister to wall installation. It comes with the mounting kit for 2 banisters and wall-mount hardware. It uses sturdy Velcro straps with locking plastic guards to hold the gate frame in place. The straps have rubber guards to prevent the straps from sliding and rubbing any finish on the wood.

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It expands to fit openings that are 26 to 42 inches in width. It is made of metal and stands at 30.5 inches tall. It swings both ways and doesn’t have any tripping bar at the base. The gate is JMPA certified and also PVC-free. It is easy to mount and operate.

Summer Infant Multi-use gate

Summer Infant Multi-use gateThis Summer Infant Multi-use gate fits areas that are 28 inches to 31.5 inches wide. It comes with 3 extensions that extend the width to 48 inches. It stands at 36 inches in height. It features a sleek arch at the door and has a bronze finish. The walk through opening locks and shuts automatically. It swings open in either way but has a door-stop for use on the  stairway.

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It comes with single banister installation kit. It is perfect for wall to banister installation but, if you would like to mount it on two banisters, you can get an additional mounting kit here.

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