Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers

Best child proof door knob coverBest child proof door knob covers are a must for every home in order to ensure safety for the young ones especially when they are able to walk around.

As you baby proof other areas in your home, be it windows, balcony, toddler beds or stairs, it is important to keep the door leading to areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, pantry inaccessible to your child.

In addition,you can also baby proof cabinet doors.

These childproof covers are designed to fit in a variety of knob sizes. They usually help to keep children from opening the doors, especially those kids who like banging the doors or those who just keep opening them for sheer amusement.

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These safety products are usually very easy for adults to operate but difficult for children to do so.

They come with different features and designs. Some of them come with outsized grip design that makes it harder for the kids to get their hands around, while others have been designed to spin around when the child tries to use them.

It is important for every parent to provide a safe environment for their child so that they can comfortably play around without the risk of getting into any harm or falling into danger.

Here are some of the reviews of the products available in the market today.

Jool Baby Knob Covers

This Jool Baby Knob plastic Covers are used to childproof doors. Recommended for use in areas accessible to kids aged four years and below. This model is compatible with standard door knobs. They have side holes that make it easier for adults to turn the knob in order to open the door. Comes in white color and they feature a simple design that snaps around the door knob.

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They are easy to put on the knobs. These covers are easier for adults to maneuver, but difficult for younger kids to open. The diameter of the wider part is about 2.25-inch while the diameter of the narrow part is approximately 1.25-inches. Comes in a pack of 4.

Betertek Knob Safety Cover for Kids

Betertek knob covers are compatible with spherical-shaped and round standard doorknobs. They are made of Polypropylene fiber BPA-free material which is non-toxic and odorless. The sides are fitted with large holes that make it easier for adults to open the knob.

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Each pack has four knobs. The diameter across is 2.6-inches. They are easy to install and snap together. Suitable for children aged 3 years and below. There is a little square flap cover in the middle to keep kids from locking the door. Its dimensions are 2.6-inch by 2.36-inch.

Eudemon Door Knob Locks

These Eudemon Door Knob Locks come with button design on either side. They are made of eco-friendly PP + TPR soft material. Works well with regular door knobs. They are easy for adults to open the door as you just need to press the side buttons.

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They are easy to install by snapping them around the door knobs. They are easily removed using a flat blade type of screw driver. Its dimensions are 2.76-inches by 2.56-inches.

Uxoz Door-Knob Screw Design Cover

This Uxoz Door-Knob Screw-Design Covers feature a modern style and are made of sturdy plastic material. This model features unique screw design that is difficult for kids to open. This modern design is compatible with most sizes and shapes of regular door-knobs.

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This cover measures 2.7-inch by 2.6-inches. Installation is easy as you just need to force the 2 parts apart, place them on the knob and then close.

Safety 1st Grip & Twist-Knob Cover
Safety 1st Grip & Twist CoverThis grip and twist model has been designed to slip over the knob when your kid attempts to use it. They are constructed of tough plastic and don’t bend easily. These are designed to be used on round standard knobs.

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They are usually very easy to install and remove. They usually come in two halves. When installing you should align the holes properly and then clip them by squeezing slightly. They come with large great holes on the sides that allow older kids and adults to open with much ease.It is also available in white color.

KidCo DoorKnob Lock
KidCo Door KnobThis KidCo lock features a pinch-grip design. The lock covers most of the knob and is difficult for a child to pinch and grip in order to open. They are constructed with plastic and come with 2 rubber inserts. These are ideal for use on standard round knobs.

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It is easy for adults to open, as they usually come with a rubber grip at the bottom for adults to pinch in order to grip the doorknob and open. It is available in white and clear colors. It is easy and fast to install. It comes in 2 pieces which you place around the knob and then put them together using a firm grasp.

Munchkin Knob Cover
Munchkin Knob CoverThis Munchkin cover comes in a sculpted type of design which secures well on surfaces. Installation is very easy. This model comes in 2 pieces which you snap together over the doorknob. It is made of plastic material.It is easy for an adult to operate but difficult for a toddler.

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It has open finger holes on the edges and in the middle. You only need to align your fingers with these holes and get a grip on the handle and open it. Therefore, iis difficult for toddlers to open the door because, in order to pinch and grip the doorknob through the open holes, it requires big and stronger hands.

Mommy’s Helper Safety Door-Knob Cover

Mommy's Helper Safety CoverThis Mommy’s helper safety cover features an extra-large grip design and is made of flexible plastic. The extra-large design of the cover makes it difficult for children to get their little fingers around the knob surface. It is designed to spin very loosely over the doorknob when a toddler attempts to open.

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It has two grab rubber tab buttons which make it easy for an adult to be able to grip the knob, squeeze the tabs and then open the door. It fits most standard round type knobs including even some flat or Kwikset designs. The cover has in-built Lock guard that covers the door-knob handle lock to protect against any accidental lock outs.

Dreambaby Door Knob Covers

dreambaby-door-knob-coversDreambaby Door Knob Covers are ideal for regular door knobs. They come is a pack of three. They are easy to install by just positioning the cover over the knob and then snap it closed. No tools are required when mounting over the knob.

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You can easily remove the cover and reuse on another door. The cover is easy for adults to grip, squeeze and open. The design is difficult for children to open. The cover has a small lid that should kept closed when used of knobs with push-locking buttons.

Summer Door-Knob Safety Covers

summer-door-knob-safety-coversThese Summer knob covers come in halves for easy installation and removal. Place the halves over the knob and then snap them together. The cover has holes on the side to allow adults with large hands to easily grip the actual knob and open the door. It is difficult for small children with little fingers to access the actual knob surface and the cover will only spin loosely endlessly.

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These covers come in a sleek design that blends well with most home decor. A pack comes with three knob covers with a brown shade. The covers are made of plastic material.

Safety 1st Clear Grip Door-Knob Covers

safety-1st-clear-grip-door-knob-coversThis is a pack of three clear door knob covers with a strong latching mechanism. These covers have secure rubber grips that press into the clamp on the knob, allowing parents to have a solid grip when opening the door.

Once installed, they will keep your young ones from accessing unauthorized areas.

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The clear design is unobtrusive and blends well with most house decor styles. These clear knobs will withstand use for a long period without disengaging.

Use of these safety covers is an efficient and simple way to keep your toddler out of certain rooms.

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