Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs With Banister

Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs With BanistersInstalling the best baby gate for top of stairs with banister will allow you to baby proof those staircase openings. These gates are designed for banister to banister setup or for wall to banister set up.

These gates come with mounting kits that enable parents to create a flat area on the banister in order to attach the gate.This means you don’t have to screw or drill holes in the banisters. Continue reading

Best Baby Gate For Bottom Of Stairs

Best Baby Gate For Bottom Of StairsFinding the Best Baby Gate For Bottom Of Stairs is not tough as it seems. You just need to determine the width and height of the staircase opening that you want the gate to cover and also your preferred design.

Whether you are looking for an easy-close type, a swinging or walkthrough design, or else a gate that can fit an extra wide uneven area at the bottom of the staircase, you will definitely find one that is best suited for whichever area. Continue reading

Balcony Shield Or Banister Guard For Babies

balcony shield or banister guardA clear or a mesh type of balcony shield or banister guard for babies is a safety product that helps to keep children safe when playing in areas next to balconies and banisters.

Baby proofing stair railings is an important activity for your home.

As you childproof other areas in your house such as the windows, doors, stairs or even kid’s beds, it is important to also shield the kids from falling through the banister and balcony openings. Continue reading

Child Proof Window Guards – Guardian Angel & Kidco Mesh

Safety Window Guards For BabiesChild proofing your windows using Kidco Mesh & Guardian Angel Window Guards helps to enhance your child’s safety whenever the windows are open.

These guards are constructed of metal or aluminum material. They are fixed and mounted on the window opening in order to prevent the child from falling. Some are also made of durable mesh.

In addition to baby proofing other areas such as doors, kids beds, large openings or balcony, this is another way to keep your house safe.
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